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The Print Unit Enhances Perfect Binding with Horizon Buy

It was the quality of the bind delivered by a Horizon BQ270V single clamp perfect binder that convinced The Print Unit to invest in the Intelligent Finishing Systems supplied solution.

“We had a perfect binder but demand for digital print has increased so it was time to upgrade,” explains Fady Gremesty managing director of the London general commercial operation. “We wanted something that would produce a very high quality product. We know Horizon systems well as we also have a StitchLiner. We have always been impressed with their build and reliability.

“They are also easy to use and quick to set up. But what stood out for us was the quality and strength of the glue and the robustness of the bind. It is man enough for the work we produce.”

He adds: “It has been running well since it was installed and we are very pleased with it.”

The Print Unit’s 500cph Horizon BQ-270V single-clamp perfect binder offers high-quality perfect binding and on-demand production of variable thickness books.

It includes an automated, sensor-activated digital caliper system which consistently measures book block thickness and automatically transfers this data to the binder for quick, automated set-up for books of different thicknesses. It features a large 10.4″ intelligent color touch-screen, job programming, and a compact configuration.