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Cutting Machines, Guillotines, Compact Paper Cutting, Three Knife Trimming Machines & Creasing Machines

Horizon HT-300 iCE Trimmer


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Horizon HT-300 iCE Trimmer

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Horizon HT-1000V

The Horizon HT-1000V three-knife trimmer achieves zero make-ready on book trim

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baumannperfecta High Speed Cutter (80-225cm)

High-speed cutters – Precision and Performance baumannperfecta high-speed

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Horizon HT-80

The HT-80 automated three knife trimmer can be used off-line or in-line for fast

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Horizon PC-640

The Horizon PC-640 Paper Cutter allows for high quality cutting with simple oper

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Horizon PC-450

The Horizon PC-450 Paper Cutter is a powerful and durable paper cutter with easy

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Horizon PC-P430

The Horizon PC-P430 is the perfect table-top office cutter for cutting printed s

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Horizon CRS-36

Avoid cracking on digitally-printed, heavy-weight stock with accurate, easy-to

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Petratto Mini Bat Plus

The Mini BAT Plus is a compact machine to produce die-creases in programmed posi

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Petratto Mini Bat Pile

The BatPile is a robust machine for the production of die quality creases in pro

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