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Perfect Binding Machines, Perfect Binding Equipment, Single Clamp Binding & Four Clamp Binding

Horizon BQ-480

A new level of automation, bringing efficient, high quality production.

  • Higher Level of Automation
  • Book of One
  • Production
  • Selection of Glue Types
  • Book Feeding Section
  • Gentle Book Delivery System
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Horizon BQ-480

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Horizon BQ-470

The BQ-470 four-clamp perfect binder is the ideal solution for ultimate versatil

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Horizon BQ-270V

The BQ-270V single-clamp perfect binder offers high-quality production perfect b

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Horizon BQ-280PUR

Horizon’s BQ-280PUR perfect binder is specially designed to handle the unique

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Horizon BQ-160PUR

The Horizon BQ-160 PUR single-clamp perfect binder satisfies the fast-growing de

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Horizon BQ-160

The Horizon BQ-160 PUR single-clamp perfect binder satisfies the fast-growing d

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Horizon CRB-160

The Horizon CRB-160 is a cover creaser that communicates with BQ-160 series of p

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Horizon BQ-P60

With this Horizon BQ-P60 perfect binder three different types of binding are ava

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Horizon HCB-2

The ergonomically designed Horizon HCB-2 Case Binder brings ultra-short-run ha

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Horizon GMS-7

The Horizon GMS-7 Spine Taper is a fully automatic spine taper designed to handl

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Petratto D-Sig Inline

The D-Sig creates an interface between digital printing and the traditional exis

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SCS – Easy Fly Pro

The Easy Fly Pro is Internationally patented machine. EasyFly does not use vacu

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SCS – Easy Fly

The Easy Fly is a single knife trimmer used to face trim fore edge perfect bound

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SCS 2HCC – 2 Head Corner Cutter

The machine will meet with the needs of the small and medium production.  Stur

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SCS 2HCR – 2 Head Corner Rounder

2 Head Corner Rounding, the Master originates the two head semi-automatic unit.

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SCS – Corner Master

High speed industrial Case Corner Rounder for hard cover book and diar

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