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Booths Print completes move to digital short run print with Horizon system

Booths Print has completed its transformation into a highly responsive digital printing operation with investment in a Horizon BQ-270V single clamp perfect binder from IFS.

The Cornish digital, signage and exhibition printer produces a broad range of applications from books, business cards, flyers and letterheads to magazines, fine art brochures, leaflets, and catalogues. It runs Konica Minolta and Kodak digital presses.

Steven Booth, Managing Director, explains: “We have become an all digital operation to better address the demand for high quality short run fast turnaround print. We have been working on creating a production environment that can meet daily demand in a highly agile way. And the perfect binder is the last piece in the puzzle to cost effectively produce individual or short run jobs.”

He continues: “We have run larger perfect binding systems, but with different work mix we needed something that was quick to set up and easy to run. The BQ-270V was the ideal solution. It does everything we wanted it to do. We know the Horizon systems are robustly built, reliable, and user friendly. That has meant it was up and running immediately.”

Booths Print’s 500cph Horizon BQ-270V single-clamp perfect binder offers high-quality perfect binding and on-demand production of variable thickness books.

It includes an automated, sensor-activated digital caliper system which consistently measures book block thickness and automatically transfers this data to the binder for quick, automated set-up for books of different thicknesses. It features a large 10.4″ intelligent colour touchscreen, job programming, and a compact configuration.