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DPS Digital Expands Lamination to Meet Pandemic Uplift

A surge in online orders for greetings cards was instrumental in DPS Digital’s decision expand its bindery with a second Foliant Taurus 530 NG laminator from IFS.

The Lincolnshire digital print partner supports online retailers with a range of products produced on its HP and Xerox presses.

After investing in its first Foliant Taurus at the end of 2019, a second followed a year later in response to a rapid increase in demand driven by the pandemic.

Explains Eddie Smith, DPS Digital Production Manager: “We chose the first Foliant Taurus for a number of reasons. It was easy to use, quick and simple to set up and its production speed could be altered to match how the operator was working – particularly when multi-tasking. It also had a good price point. We looked at other systems but this best suited our needs.”

After the pandemic closed retail outlets online ordering dramatically increased. States Eddie: “The lockdowns had a huge impact on our business. The demand for greetings cards tripled and we needed a second laminator to keep up with the work.

“Because the first Foliant Taurus was a solid reliable machine that resulted in very little downtime, the decision to invest in a second was easy. Maintenance is also quick – just a wipe down of the impression roller once a week.”

The 40 m/min B2+ Foliant Taurus 530 NG features a rising pile back separation stream feeder and a suction paper feed head. Its compact design incorporates feeder, laminator, and a sheet separator in a single construction.

DPS Digital’s laminator incorporates a 3000m film roll that streamlines production. Eddie comments: “There are less changes required so set up times are reduced and there is more uptime. It is also more cost effective.”

He concludes: “The support from IFS throughout the pandemic has been very good. The fast delivery of the second laminator meant we were able to be very responsive to the quick increase in market demand.”