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IFS Named World No 1 Foliant Distributor

Leading UK and Ireland post press solutions provider Intelligent Finishing Systems has been named the world’s best-selling distributor of Foliant laminating solutions.

“This is a great accolade for IFS and our dedicated team,” says Bryan Godwyn, IFS managing director. “To have outsold fellow distributors in the USA, Europe and beyond is an overwhelming achievement. Not only does is demonstrate the commitment of our team to this high quality, easy to use and profit generating portfolio of solutions but it also highlights what a vibrant market we operate in.”

He continues: “Supported by a knowledgeable supplier, more and more print service providers are considering the value of bringing lamination in house. When they weigh up the time and cost implications of sending short run work out, adding the process to their range of services is a win win. Making the investment easier is a simple to operate system that ensures sheets are laminated correctly the first time and every time.

“One of the of the Foliant’s main benefits is its ability to apply good, constant pressure and keep the sheets flat. Added to that the quality of finish and ease of use of these small-footprinted and cost-effective solutions underpins their status as a must-have addition.”

IFS added Czech firm Foliant’s range to its portfolio of finishing systems in 2012. Today IFS offers 10 models including the popular Foliant Gemini C400S (B3+) semi-automatic high pressure laminator and the Mercury 530 SF (B2+) heavy-duty industrial laminator.

The latest innovation has been the addition of the Multi-functional Inprinting Unit that makes foiling and spot varnish fast and affordable for short run and personalised print. The retrofittable solution transforms output from the Vega, Mercury and Taurus B3 and B2 laminators using the sleeking process – where the foil or varnish is applied to pre-printed black toner. The sheet can then be reprinted mono or four colour. The Foliant Multi-functional Inprinting Unit offers a wide range of colours including gold, silver, red and green and a clear gloss for spot varnish.

IFS has created a wide community of Foliant users including its most recent solutions adopters – En Route, Mercia Image Print and Rainbow Print