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The Stack 2030 system operates in line with web-fed digital printers at speeds up to 600 ft/min. The system delivers 1-up, 2-up or 3-up offset stacks ready for binding utilizing the Buffer 530, Cutter c20 and Stacker s30 units. The optional Merger m20 allows 2-up print to be delivered in a single collated stack ready for inserting

All modules in the Stack 2030 system incorporates Smooth-Web™ motion technology to gently transport paper from the printer to stacked output. This synchronization of the entire web to changes in speed provides unprecedented reliability and drastically reduces the likelihood of any paper jams. The Buffer 530 accumulates the paper web and weaves it through rollers that rise and fall, filling the buffer and ensuring that stack deliveries will never stop the printer.

The Cutter c20 utilizes a rotary knife to sheet the web and slit for 2-up or 3-up print streams and offsets the entire web horizontally to separate jobs or book blocks before sheets enter the stacker. Following the Cutter c20, sheets enter the shingling section of the Stacker s30 where they are gently decelerated and formed into a stack. This patent pending design maximizes control of the sheets and enables use of a wide range of media at high speeds.

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Max Speed 600 ft/min 3.0 m/sec
Form Length 3.5″–18″ 90 mm–457 mm
Web Width 6″–20.5″ 150 mm–520 mm
Feeding Pinfed or pinless

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