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CutReady has been developed to finish preprinted rolls into fully trimmed output of variable size. CutReady is available in four different configurations to support the broadest range of applications:

Stacking CutReady, for book block assembly and delivery

Long Stacking CutReady, for variable length stacking up to 40”

Shingling CutReady, for variable sheetlength grouping

Long Shingling CutReady, for variable sheet length collection up to 48”

Thanks to its modular configuration, the output can be delivered to a shingling conveyor or vertical stacker. When processing special applications requiring long sheets output, such as posters and banners, CutReady can be configured with a long-sheet stacker or a collection box. CutReady is a reliable solution to change application on demand, cut and collect variable form size printed on the same roll.

All CutReady solutions are equipped with a unique cartridge design: the cross blade cartridges and the side trimming cartridges are removable and interchangeable for quick and easy on site maintenance and for quick application changeover in order to minimize down time and enhance productivity.

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