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Production time trimmed by Horizon HT-300

Value added performance and labour saving features designed to expand capabilities and ease operation are the core elements of the new Horizon HT-300 three-sided trimmer.

The evolution of the highly successful HT-30C three-sided trimmer offers flap cover, corner and variable trimming, enabling operations to expand their portfolio of high quality services.

Overall productivity has been enhanced with greater automation throughout. This includes barcode reading at job input, easy set up on the 12.1 inch colour touch screen, simple knife change and adjustment, quick automated clamp pressure setting and automated stack calibration. Memory storage for up to 999 jobs aids quick recall.

The new design incorporates a number of operator focused features including a light system of six colours to indicate a different machine status such as whether it is in standby, fully operational or experiencing an error. Sections of the machine can show different lights at any one time enabling the operator to immediately identify where attention is required.

These features support a production speed of 300 cycles per hour and 1,100 books per hour, fast set up, ease of use, reduced operator touchpoints and social distancing.

The HT-300 also runs inline with Horizon binders to deliver increased productivity and offers improved trimming quality, increased durability and a reduced footprint.

The new system is one of the first to be pre-installed with Horizon’s cloud-based iCE LiNK workflow. It provides access to an intuitive easy to use dashboard that reports real-time production analysis for improved efficiency and profitability, remote update capabilities and scheduled maintenance resulting in less downtime. The information is accessible via smartphone, tablet or desktop PC and the software is designed for integration with MIS systems.

“The quality results and production benefits delivered by the HT-30C are widely recognised and this more highly automated and faster evolution continues Horizon’s commitment to innovation,” says Eric Keane, IFS Managing Director. “It can be added to any Horizon perfect binder to support the versatile and responsive inline completion of books.”