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Intelligent Finishing Systems has stepped up its presence in the laminating marketplace with the acquisition of the exclusive agency for leading Czech manufacturer Foliant in the UK and Ireland.

Foliant laminators are robustly built and simple to run with intuitive controls and easy maintenance. Fast machine set-ups and adjustments help ensure economical operation. From its first laminating machine – the ‘Yellow’ in 1999 – to its most recent innovations, Foliant has consistently led the way in the development and manufacture of sector-leading solutions. Operating to the highest international quality standards, Foliant systems represent the laminating benchmark in the print finishing environment. With fourteen laminating systems and numerous options, the Foliant range has a solution to meet every requirement, from entry-level smaller format single-sided laminating to specialist applications – and always designed to be best in class.

Foliant Vega 400SF

The Foliant Vega 400SF (B3+)  is a new generation of very compact industrial la

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Foliant Taurus 760NG 4×4

The Foliant Taurus 760NG 4×4 is a new double sided laminating machine offer

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Foliant Vega 400A

The Foliant Vega 400A (B3+) is the next generation, very compact industrial lami

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Foliant Taurus 530NG 4×4

The Foliant Taurus 530NG 4×4 is a double sided laminator. Due to two lamin

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Foliant Mercury 530NG 4×4

The Foliant Mercury 530 NG 4×4 (B2+) is a double sided industrial laminat

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Foliant Mercury 400NG

The Foliant Mercury 400 NG (B3+) is a very compact industrial laminating machi

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Foliant Mercury 530 NG

The Mercury 530 NG (B2+) is a heavy-duty industrial laminating system, perfect

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Foliant Vega 530A

The Foliant Vega 530A (B2+) is a new generation of easy available very compact i

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Foliant Taurus 530 NG

The Foliant Taurus 530 NG (B2+) is the latest high speed machine with a rising

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Foliant Castor 530 NG

The Foliant Castor 530 NG (B2+) is a high volume industrial machine which incor

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Foliant Mercury 760 NG

The Foliant Mercury 760 NG (B1+) is a very compact and fast industrial laminati

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Foliant Taurus 760 NG

The Taurus 760 NG is the (B1+) version of the next generation of Foliant ground

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Foliant Pollux 760 NG

The Foliant Pollux 760 NG (B1+) is a high volume industrial machine which incor

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Laminate Film

Intelligent Finishing Systems also supplies a full range of Laminating Films in

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